Vehicle/Driver Preparation

  • David Murry Track Days (DMTD) affords highly experienced drivers the opportunity to drive and practice their skills without having to share the race track with unaware or inexperienced drivers. By registering for a DMTD event, you agree to abide by our rules and regulations as outlined below.
  • All vehicles will have legible, contrasting numbers. Numbers no less than 8 inches high will be displayed on left and right sides of the vehicle.
  • Drivers and passengers will have equal restraints.
  • SNELL/Current helmets are mandatory. HANS devices, fireproof clothing, shoes and gloves are recommended.
  • Roll cages/roll bars and on-board fire suppression systems are recommended. Roll bars minimum required on convertibles.
  • There will be no technical inspection at DMTD events. Each participant will bear sole responsibility for vehicle preparation, maintenance and safety.

Pit/Paddock Area

  • With the exception of the lunch break, the pits and the racing surface are declared HOT for the entire event day.
  • The speed limit in the paddock area is 15 mph.
  • Do not park any vehicles in the designated fire lanes.
  • If you're using the garages: there will be no smoking, no fuel storage and no fueling of vehicles inside any garage.

On Track

  • No Shorts on track,
  • No flashers will be used on the race track, blinkers may be used as point by signals.
  • A checkered flag will signal the end of the morning and afternoon sessions.
  • A red flag indicates an emergency situation. Check your mirrors and bring your car to a controlled and complete STOP on the side of the track offline. We may need to get emergency vehicles on the track quickly. 
  • A full course black flag requires all vehicles to return to the pit/paddock area on the lap that the flag is displayed.
  • If you are shown an individual black flag, you will report to the pit steward on the lap that the flag is displayed.
  • It is the responsibility of each participant to be aware of and responsive to all flags, signals and instructions from corner workers and emergency personnel (see also "Flag Information").
  • Passing will be permitted anywhere on the race track. Although "point-by" signals are always recommended, they are MANDATORY in corners. This rule will be strictly enforced. The are no "point-by" requirements for unrestricted passing events.
  • The overtaking vehicle bears the responsibility of executing a safe pass but the car being passed has a responsibility to help facilitate a safe pass.
  • If a pass sign is not used (on straights only), the vehicle being passed will remain on-line and give room for the passing car. The passing vehicle will move off-line to execute the pass.
  • You are respsonible for damage to racetrack including speedy dry, fire suppression, etc.
  • Racing is expressly prohibited at any time during DMTD events.