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China Trip July 3-10 - My trip to China was both interesting and productive. I went to the "China Touring Car Championship" race in Ordos, China. It is a new city in Inner Mongolia very wealthy due to recent mining of valuable materials discovered there. The race track is a first class facility and the racing was very exciting. I was invited over to engineer the car, coach the drivers, and generally help the team with the overall approach to success. After spending time in Ordos at the race weekend we flew to Shanghai and visited two more race tracks, the F1 facility and Tianma Raceway. The F1 facitlity was very impressive. All sports in China are government controlled so the track spared no expense. I discussed a possible partnership of racing/driving business ventures in China and we are moving forward in that direction. I will continue with updates as they progress next year in 2013. Meanwhile, here are a few pictures from the trip. Left to right: Ordos Raceway CTCC race start, authentic Chinese dinner with team, Genghis Khan memorial, hotel view in Shanghai, Team RSR.         David

China CTCC race start   China dinner

China Genghis Khan memorial   China hotel

China Team RSR


Speaking engaugement at   Speedsport Tuning  July 18 at shop in Danbury , CT- David spoke at Speedsport Tuning for their open house in July. "I was very impressed with the Speedsport facility.I have never been there before and it was larger than I thought and very professional. It was great to see Spencer again and I enjoyed meeting his customers and knew quite a few of them", David said.

Speedsport 906Speedsport David

Speedsport Spencer

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